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Freelance Copywriting Rates: How Much for the Best Results?

See how much it costs to hire an experienced freelance copywriter. Plus, get the answers to a dozen other questions people ask when hiring a pro.

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Need a Quick and Easy Blog Planner Template? FREE DOWNLOAD

This article provides expert tips on scheduling engaging blog content with a 12-month single-view dashboard. Free blog planner template included.

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How to Write a Killer Copywriting Brief - FREE TEMPLATE

When you hire a freelance copywriter and say, “this copy is exactly what we wanted”, you know you’ve written a good brief. Learn how here. Free briefing template.

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A Script Writing Lesson From a Prize-Winning Poet

Love him or loathe him, Nobel prize winner Bob Dylan knows how to write a great script. See how he did it for Chrysler at the Super Bowl.

Need help writing engaging blog articles? 

Think of blogging as a match made in heaven. Google loves blog content and businesses like appearing in Google search results.
And who doesn’t like FREE leads? Said nobody ever.
But I’m not talking about peddling company news or writing tedious keyword fodder for SEO.
I’m talking about immersive blog articles informing and entertaining readers with useful content.
You’ll need between 1200 and 2000 words written per article to make it work. So it’s better to plan for one decent piece a month rather than a short article a week. 
Are you interested in using an expert freelance copywriter to give your audience what it needs? 
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