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Hi, I’m Phil Allen, a freelance copywriter in Bournemouth working with businesses all over the UK.


I make sure websites work harder than the hard-earned money clients put into them. 
I’m pretty blunt about this because most websites don’t.
I’ve been writing web copy for over 20 years, although the buzz of writing started a bit before the web even existed.
I actually started out in direct sales.
I hated the job, but I sold as much in a week as the next person did in a month, so it turned out pretty lucrative.
What made me different was the way I used writing to win business. 
Back at the height of the direct sales boom, leaving a customer's house without encouraging them (sorry, beating them into submission) to sign on the dotted line was considered sacrilege.
But I never signed a customer on the night. Instead, I told them to hold fire until all of the quotes came in, and they had time to think.
The next day, I hand-delivered a quote with a succinctly crafted covering letter explaining why they’d be happier buying from our company than any of the others.
The advantage I had, is while my competition spent 2 hours in a customers house playing point and counterpoint to try and seal a deal . . . I spent 2 hours listening.
So by the time I left, I’d understood everything I needed to know about what was required to help the customer trust our company.
 9 out of 10 leads converted while my colleagues were lucky to convert 3 in 10.

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When I moved into B2B sales, I used a similar tactic. Instead of dropping in unannounced or cold calling to make an appointment, I sent a carefully constructed letter to prime the contact. 
I used the angle that although I had something highly beneficial to offer, I respected how busy my prospects were. So I offered 90% of the information upfront to save time in the meeting.
The result? My prospects were halfway ready to buy before I turned up. And they appreciated the fact that I valued their time.
I trained my team of reps to use this system, and over the next four years, annual sales grew from £230,000 to just under £4m. One year after this, the company floated on the stock market.
After several years in consultancy, I moved into digital. And ended up leading the content team in an award-winning web agency. 
I’d been honing my copywriting skills for a while at this point — studying proven formulas and copywriting success stories to get every ounce out of my ability.
This is where I really learned how to write for the web. And pick up a ton of knowledge about web design, user experience wireframes and even eye-tracking along the way.
Do I also write great ad copy? Sure I write excellent ad copy — like the stuff I’ve had published in the Sunday supplements — but web copywriting is in my DNA, so that’s what I specialise in.

Does professionally-written web copy guarantee more leads?

Only when it’s organised correctly on a web page.

Think about a sailing ship where the words are the sails. And the layout is the helm with the compass and the controls.

If the controls are poorly organised, and the captain can't see the compass, it doesn't matter how full the sails are — the ship's not going in the right direction.

This is why I provide grayscale wireframes with every piece of copywriting I deliver.

The wireframes show you or your designer how to lay the words out, so the sections all work in harmony.

Need to steer your web visitors in the right direction?

Suppose you'd like your story told with relevance, purpose and clarity. In that case, I can help with expertly crafted content written in your preferred tone of voice.
Every page will generate a momentum that leads readers from one line to the next.
SEO copywriting is provided as standard.
And I’ll give you the wireframes for free.


Drop me a line to request a copywriting quote. Hate forms? No problem: it's ku.oc.gnitirwypocbew%40nella.lihp

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