Freelance Copywriting Rates: How Much for the Best Results?

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Freelance copywriting rates vary in the UK, which makes answering the 'how much does a freelance copywriter charge' question a little subjective.

Often, copywriters base their rates on experience. Sometimes, a niche speciality like pharmaceutical copywriting or science writing increases the rate charged.

So how much do you have to pay for the best results?

I used to have an FAQ section on my website, which dealt with copywriting costs. And a load of other questions that crop up every time I talk to someone about the benefits of hiring a freelance copywriter.

But I thought I'd condense everything down into a single blog to save you opening and closing those pesky '+' boxes.

If I missed anything out, feel free to get in touch and make a suggestion.

What are your freelance copywriting rates?

I’ve only ever had one business approach me who didn’t ask this question at the start of the conversation. What a gem!
It’s a fair question, though, so here you go:
I quote a job rate that includes everything you need to get the best results. It doesn’t matter if it’s a single page, a small or large website, or a short or long-form blog article.
According to a survey by the membership organisation Procopywriters, 50% of copywriters base their freelance copywriting rates on a project fee. 47% of copywriters charge by the hour, and 3% charge by the word.
Here’s why I don’t quote an hourly rate:
I write fast, probably twice as fast as someone with less experience. So comparing hourly rates would be like comparing apples and pears. The same principle applies to day-rates.
Charging by the hour is also a little ambiguous because it's what you get for hours billed that matters
However, a project rate with the deliverables, process and expectations broken down in detail leaves you knowing exactly where you stand.
And if you wonder why I don’t charge by the word, a copywriter's job is to say the most with the least amount of words. It’s not a case of bashing out 500 words as fast as possible if you want something usable. Speed writing is for the copy mills.
Besides, one of the most effective straplines I’ve written contains three words. It took time to get right, but it’s still in use 15 years later.

Will you write a free test piece?

Typically, I don’t write free test pieces. The only exception is if it’s a big project — the brief is on-point — and the tone-of-voice requirement is crystal clear.

That said, I’m happy to write a paragraph or two to give you an idea of what to expect. All I ask is to fill out my brief template and agree to pay for the work if you use it.

Do you write blog articles?

Yes, I write well-researched, long-form articles between 1000 and 2000+ words to position businesses as an authority. 
But I tend to steer away from short blogs because they don’t offer the reader the degree of information needed to generate value.
Did you know the average word count of an article in the first position on Google is 1600 words? 

Picture of a blog article excerpt used in a freelance copywriting rates document

Section of a long-form blog article written a performance coaching company.

Can you write 20 blogs in a week?

Unfortunately, no. But there are plenty of writers out there capable of spewing words out for fun . . . and pennies.
The most valuable blog articles are well-researched, strategically planned and written with purpose and relevance.
Get it right, and the reader thanks you for taking the time and trouble to provide something useful.
But it takes a great deal of creativity to write a captivating story.
If you’d like to see a before and after version to compare good-versus-rushed and cheap, drop me a line, and I’ll send you copies.

How many revisions do you provide?

I provide two rounds of revisions in the price. 
I used to offer unlimited revisions. But I found it caused clients to overthink and procrastinate before coming back to the first or second version anyway.

Always look for something in copy that you genuinely feel isn’t right — but for everything else, trust your copywriter.

Can you write sales emails?

Yes, I write enticing email subject lines and super-clickable email content. My record performance is a 36% email click-through rate.
I also write landing page content. Like the following page for an online Schools learning provider called School Galaxy:


Do you provide SEO copywriting?

Oh, yes! Everything I write is optimised for a keyword and a synonym while remaining clear, concise and relevant. 
I also label up the H-tags and provide image and page meta titles and descriptions, just as Google likes.

But if you think the following example constitutes SEO copywriting, please don't request a quote.

“Sell My Car will ensure the process of selling your car, or selling my car, is quick, safe and pain free to sell your car in Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas.
We will beat any written quote from we buy any car, sell my car or for that matter any quote with no hidden charges or administration charges.”

Do you ever outsource to other freelance copywriters?

Absolutely not. But I know some copywriters who pass work over to junior writers or online services.

If you find me busy and need work doing in a rush, I’m happy to pass you on to other freelancers who I trust.

Are there any sectors you don’t write for?

I tend not to pitch for pharma work because it’s a specialist niche. However, I did write the content on an Alzheimer’s site for Roche.
And I don’t work for recruitment agencies. There’s something about relentlessly targeting people in good businesses to move them away that doesn’t align with my values.

Besides, well-run companies with a humanistic approach and a people-centred culture attract the best talent anyway.

Do you offer any free copywriting tools or templates?

Yes, feel free to use my editable freelance copywriting brief. And the free blog planner template if it's helpful.

I'll ask you to complete my briefing doc if we work together unless your brief is already rock-solid.

The blog planner is great for putting a 12-month strategy together. And mapping the progress in a single view dashboard.

Can you recommend a good web designer?

I’ve been in the web industry for a long time and have plenty of contacts.
I'd be happy to introduce you to people I trust who have excellent skills.
Alternatively, if I deliver a hi-fi prototype to support UX copywriting, it’s launchable as a live website. See VIP Cosmetics or UV Medicare. And DD Allen if you're a musician or band.
I move the project into the platform team's hands to get you all the security of working directly with the developers. The platform also provides several benefits over WordPress.

What did you say your freelance copywriting rates are again?

You got me!
I typically charge around £1200 to write high-performing content for a small business website. This buys enough time to give you a fast payback and the best results possible.
You'll receive everything in an exact format with all the SEO work included.
My rate sits inline with the average charged by a professional freelance copywriter with several years of experience. Like me.
Long-form blog articles come in around £360 for 1500-2000 words. Drop me a message if you’d like to see an example.

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