Performance Coaching Copywriting

A great example of performance coaching copywriting for Sven Fredriksson at 7TH STATE.
18,000 words and a hi-fi prototype delivered in 4 weeks.

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Image of performance coaching copywriting displayed on an iPhone
Image of performance coaching copywriting displayed on an iPad

The project

Performance coach Sven Fredriksson helps business leaders make cultural transformation a force for positive change.
He also helps ambitious people from all walks of life achieve a well-being state of mind that sparks an unending motivation for life.
And in the space between, Sven inspires athletes to reach heightened performance levels.
His 7TH STATE coaching program takes people on a life-affirming journey. So I chose a conversational narrative that comes across in a very personal manner.  
I helped deliver a unique message to stand out in a competitive space, supported by an engaging series of long-form blog articles.


Copywriting and website prototyping


Working with Phil was a pleasure and a breath of fresh air. And I am delighted with the results. I worked with other copywriters before hiring Phil, but found they couldn’t communicate my vision in the way I needed. Phil takes the time to understand your needs and moulds the copy to suit perfectly. He’s an effective, professional copywriter, who also advises on UX content layout best practices, which I found valuable.

Sven FredrikssonPerformance Coach, 7TH STATE

Polite portfolio disclaimer

I deliver error-free content written with clarity, direction and purpose.

It’s rare, but sometimes clients amend or extend my work down the line.

If you check a site out and spot typos or grammar, etymology or syntax errors, then rest assured, they didn’t exist when I delivered the work.

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