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Have you just thought about website copywriting? Read on to see why it matters and how I can help.

Let’s face it, you probably have a healthy amount of competition. 
Ok, you may be better, but there are 20 companies on page 1 of Google claiming your audience should buy from them instead.
So what can we do about it together?
Well, the good news is that on average only 16% of people read all the words on a web page.
Mostly, it happens when the content isn’t relatable. The words just don't resonate. Sometimes, it’s because the layout makes things difficult to follow.
And this is music to a website copywriter’s ears. Because when people read more content, they are focussed, engaged, and much more likely to convert into customers. 
Persuasive website content writing isn’t about laying down statements of intent. It’s about engaging in a meaningful conversation with people who start out as strangers.
And the best thing about great conversations is they go on for days. Or in our case, straight through to your target call-to-action.

But first, we have to break the ice.

How do you convert that awkward first moment into a warm and friendly handshake?

And how do you engage the reader with all the juicy relevant details — so they hit the button that screams ‘I really need to buy this’ — or ‘get in touch with me, right now’?

This is where a professional freelance copywriter like me comes in.

Sometimes I do it in a few words, sometimes with more of a story. It depends on the audience and the type of product or service being sold.

Either way, loads more people are going to join in your conversation.

Read on to check out my experience and learn about the anatomy of an effective web page.

My Experience

education_023-history-time-recent-arrow-subject-learn-study-schoolCreated with Sketch.


20+ years of copywriting experience. 10 years leading the team in an award-winning agency.


Over 400 website content writing, content strategy, and user experience projects completed.


More than 1m words crafted for websites, blogs, advertisements, emails, brochures, and more.

The anatomy of an effective web page

Banner headline

Relevant content

UX optimised

SEO optimised

Banner headline

Image of homepage website content writing

A compelling banner headline

Statistically, only 20% of website homepage visitors scroll through the banner to read the rest of the page. Which makes a compelling banner headline pretty critical.
Time is precious, and it’s not the audience's job to try and figure out the deep and distant meaning behind a passionately intended strap line.
A great headline is free from ambiguity and esoteric intent. While making a logical connection between the offer and how it improves the readers’ life.
Getting to the right headline with a couple of worthy alternatives to consider often takes a couple of hours. Which is one reason why experienced copywriters don’t charge by the word! 
If you’d like to see strong, succinct, relevant headline writing in practice — get in touch, and I’ll provide examples.

What to expect if you hire me

1) Fixed-price quotation

Rather than pricing by the word, I provide a fixed-price quote for every piece of work. Good copywriters often spend as much time crafting killer headlines and compelling value propositions as they do writing 500 words of body copy.
So I’ll give you a set price and a detailed breakdown of everything to expect for the whole job.

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